Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Funemployment List!

This week I feel as though I have hit a wall in my funemployment adventure, interviews and preparing for interviews have been keeping me busier than I would like to be. Living at home is also not the ideal living situation and has been adding extra stress to my life lately. The fun of my trip with my lady to the Eastern Sierra's has blown away like the storms that tried to blow us off the mountains. Quite honestly, I feel stuck, and when I feel stuck, I like to make lists and try to check something off right away.

Backpacking GearImage by derekdalton via Flickr

1. Go Backpacking on the skyline-to-the-sea trail
2. Go fishing along the Eel river
3. Be able to make 50 of 100 free throws (currently 23%)
4. Camp out among the redwoods
5. Hike to an alpine lake
6. See a concert in San Francisco
7. Volunteer an afternoon for a cause I support
8. Finish all seasons of The Wire
9. See The Americans at SFMOMA
10. Visit Anchor Steam brewery in San Francisco
11. Visit Lagunitas brewery in Marin
Big Sur Coast in the FallImage by Ivan Makarov via Flickr

12. Finish reading Shaping the Sierra
13. Finish reading Farewell my Subaru
14. Bike tour up to Uvas Canyon Park
15. Hike Mt. Tamalpias via Stinson Beach
16. Go for a drive along Big Sur
17. Go camping in the Sierra Nevada's
18. Go to a San Francisco Giants game (only because they red sox will not be back in the bay area this season)
19. Write at least one entry in this blog per week until August
20. Pass LEED certification exam
21. Go wine tasting with Beylah
22. Visit Point Reyes National Seashore
23. Go Kayaking at Moss Landing

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