Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fail Blog

This weekend was a magnificent failure. I mean that in the truest and most literal sense of the expression. Every plan failed, and yet everything worked our perfectly.

I set the alarm for 6am so I could hit the road to Stinson Beach and climb Mt. Tamalpias on Saturday. Maybe I had a little bit too much wine with dinner the night before, or maybe that extra hour I spent at work caught up with me, but for the life of me I could not get out of bed until 10am. (Beylah being especially snugly that morning was not helping matters, nor were the adorable kittens attacking my feet as I shook them under the covers).

After a nice little breakfast out on the porch Beylah and I took off for Santa Cruz instead of just loafing around the house. She had wanted to check "Fly a Kite" off her own little list. We dug up a crummy little $5 Owl Kite in a stationary shop in downtown and drove out to Wadell Beach to try to fly it (I also wrote about my hiking trip to this beach back in July). I can not overstate the crumminess of this kite. In fact its sort of a blessing we took on its crumminess and not some poor child because we didn't break down into tears when it failed.

A Seagull ducking away from the water on Wadell Beach.

Literally seconds into its first flight the loop that the rope tied to ripped off and the kite slammed into the ground with force. After reattaching the kite we flew it again, this time for about a minute. Much like a real owl it began flapping as the plastic pulled away from the frame. It dove down as if after its prey, only it landed in a heap of cheap plastic crap in the wet sand of the beach.

Beylah gets righteous on the owl kite.

Instead of failing to fly a kite, I collected rocks along the beach and failed to skip them on the water (maybe two or three actually skipped). Still, the weather was perfect and the beach was quiet so we stayed for awhile and set up a blanket on the beach and just took it all in for awhile before moving on.

My shoes sitting on the beach in front of me.

We left the beach a couple hours before sunset and headed over to Bonny Doon. Our goal was to try and find this vineyard. After again failing to find the vineyard we concluded it was for the best since I had wet Khaki's and probably smelled like beach. We took Empire Grade Rd. up over the mountains, then weaved our way down to Boulder Creek for some delicious Mexican food. We just caught the end of the sunset as we crested over the Santa Cruz mountains. Even though the day had been a disaster in everything we tried to plan out, we had a fantastic little Saturday.

Looking out on to the peninsula from Hwy 9.


  1. That vineyard is awesome.

    And very near my house.

  2. awesome pictures!!

    No worries about the "failures" just means a newe adventure next time :)

  3. Brie - I've actually been to the vineyard before, but it's been years. I don't know how we missed it, I would like to go back armed with directions.

    Or perhaps we could hire a local guide?

    Cathy - Oh for sure! We are already contemplating organizing a "kite-off". We would build our own kites independently and then unveil them on the beach and see who's is better. Though, let's be honest Beylah can kick my butt at arts and crafts.