Friday, December 11, 2009

Big Changes

This has been a big week for me, I started a part time (paid!) job at the Peninsula Open Space Trust. Combined with my current internship with the Town of Los Gatos planning department this means I am now employed full time (I just get paid like a Walmart employee and receive no benefits). I'll miss my five day weekends but I'm going to be putting the money to good use. Hopefully employment means I'll be able to get out and do things more, not less. This blog is going to play an important role going forward as it becomes easier for me to toss "fun" things like tackling Mt. Diablo on the back burner as the ambitious side of me gets more and more of a chance to play. My plan is actually to blog more, do more, and continue to have this blog as a record of what I have done. With less time, and a plan to blog more, I am laying out a strategy.

Blog Efficiently

I have already changed my work flow to accommodate my more hectic schedule. I started with just a quick organizing of the documents on my computer. It helps that Google Chrome was released for Mac this week (by the way, its not worth jumping over yet if you are on Firefox, they still have too many bugs to work out). I've also reworked my iGoogle page to include my Google reader feed, I now of my RSS feed, Mail and documents in one place (thanks Google!).
Finally I downloaded a little program called Evernote which, besides adding a slick icon that makes my dock look cool now stores an assortment of files and notes which I can use as my memory. I am already busy collapsing my bookmarks and clippings in to evernote for
organization. All this so when I do have time, I am not just sitting at my desk wondering what I can write about.

My iGoogle page, The RSS Feed is set up to give me blogging ideas.

Write every day

While finding ways to organize myself may have been complicated, this part is simple. I need to be writing all the time. I've set up a list of ideas which I can easily access in Evernote to help me accomplish this, but really its about finding the time to sit down every night and write something. The consequence unfortunately will probably more of me voicing my garbled thoughts about things. Though this is still primarily sort of an adventure blog, so that won't change.

My current blog idea list, barren right now, but hey It's only been a day!

More Photos!

Back in January I tried to take at least one photo a day, I would mostly either just post them up on facebook or I stashed them away on my computer someplace. I was mainly just trying to give my photographic eye a little bit of a workout. By far the most common comment people leave me is about my photography it only makes sense that I respond to that and try to feature photography a bit more. To that end I am looking in to ways to monetize my hobby by selling prints as well as offer those who visit my blog a bit more, like wallpapers. While I don't expect to see any of those changes implemented before the new year, I promise more photos.

A photo from my winter photo-a-day effort.

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  1. CONGRATS on the new job, Chris! I'm so stoked for you. And I'm equally stoked you're thinking about monetizing your fabulous photography. I'm first in line to buy, and let me know if there's anything at all I can do to help your biz. I'm a big fan!