Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Learning to Rock Climb

In the Santa Teresa hills are a series of boulders that make for safe, easy climbing, even for a first time climber like me. I managed to snag a beautiful pair of nicely fitting (rental fitting) rock climbing shoes for under $20 at the REI co-op gear sale this weekend which launched this new adventure of mine.

My brand new climbing shoes.

The Santa Teresa boulders are surrounded by McMansions at the bottom which makes the climbs less than appealing visually. You just can't beat a 3 minute dive to go rock climbing though. When I arrived I picked out two easy rocks and climbed routes all over them for 2 hours. I especially enjoyed climbing up a small chimney on the second rock.

I'm calling this 1,2,3 rock. Because that's how easy it is.

My day was essentially ended when my foothold on 1,2,3 crumbled out from beneath me with no warning leaving me hanging on at the top of the chimney by my finger tips. Unable to find new footholds I pulled myself up the rock with just my arms burning them out in the process. My tired arms struggled up the chimney on the next two climbs and to play it safe I called it a day before I hurt something.

 The broken foothold that gave way 2 steps into the climb.

My plan is to climb more and develop my movements for now and see if my interest in rock climbing sticks or if its hold is as tenuous as that of my noodle arms on the boulders today.

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