Friday, March 12, 2010

Please and Thank You's

One of the well known disadvantaged to blogging is the commonly narcissistic personality blogs take on. Admittedly most of the posts around here tend to take a very self centered tone. Thus it is important to me I take a second or two to acknowledge all those that support me, inspire me and thank those who have taken an interest or linked to my site. 

BRT Insights recently added The Funemployment Blog to the Bay Area Hiking Directory that brthomas has put together over there. It's probably the most complete list of hiking, camping, and adventuring resources and personal blogs I've seen. It's a great list and I'm proud to be on it.

The Urchiness, created by my dear friend Brie, has been a constant source of inspiration for me. Brie has been a great resource, allowing me to bounce ideas, and always there to give honest advice. She in fact helped talk me into blogging to begin with. The success of her Etsy shop is no fluke, she has great ideas, and is the most creative soul I know. Her sister has great blog too over at Maple Sugar Lyrics.

A list of thank-you's would not be complete without my good friend since High School and Mt. Whitney climbing partner, Andrew. It is important to have people around you who support your ambitions, even when they questionably realistic. It is even more of an asset to have a friend who can help you turn an unrealistic dream into something real.

I have yet to find writing as witty and sharp as that of Shonelly Belly Laughs, Shonelle's constant support and flood of great marketing ideas have been a huge asset to me. If I had the talent to implement half of them I'd actually have readers around here. She also awarded me the Beautiful Blogger award, I question how beautiful I am however. (never the less, I am thankful)

There are two websites more than any others that have been my models; the very highly informational, and be-all-end all of local trail guides Bay Area Hiker, and Kevin's Hiking Page, a highly readable site filled with stories that keep me inspired to hit the trails. I try to look to those sites as my guide, without knowing it they inspire me to hike, to wander, and to explore and then tell the world about it. (or at least my 3 readers)

Of course, without Beylah, my companion in adventures and life, my support network, my sweetheart, and my dearest friend, this blog would not be. Her patience, support, and positive attitude are beyond comparison. Beylah's carpe diem, do it yourself, attitude keeps moving in the right direction even when times are tough. And Funemployment has been tough, but with Beylah, even being unemployed, broke, and living at home is somehow a positive experience.  


  1. Aw, thanks Chris! I believe I said your BLOG was beautiful, not you. ;) And did I forget to mention that I want to implement marketing ideas FOR you, because I'm so enthused about your stuff?