Thursday, March 11, 2010

Website Re-redesign

Today I got a major education in CSS and HTML, I sat for hours stressing at my computer wondering why the web gods took such pleasure in my frustration. Perhaps it was the goat I slaughtered, or maybe just good luck but the site is finally in order.

Whats New
I've changed my template, colors, and fonts. The whole site has a brand new feel. The main blog also has a little more width to allow me to display some larger photos and fit more text.

The blog has a brand new header, the photo is from my Skyline Ridge loop, I hope you like it. The old header by the way was based of a photo of the Sonoma headlands.

The left column now contains links to some of my favorite photos that might give a new browser on the funemployment blog an idea of what this thing is all about.

The photo albums page is being updated, its a mess right now but you can still link to my albums from there while a more pleasing page gets built.

There is now a photography tips page and a videos page too.

I hope you enjoy the new look and feel of the site, I'm pretty proud of it.


  1. Chris- I absolutely LOVE the new design, especially the photos on the left hand side. In fact, they remind me of a bookmark the way they're laid out. Just add tassels and your website address. Hmmm, marketing idea? :)

  2. You know I love it too, Chris! :)

    And great idea, Shonelley! I think the three of us would make a great team... Chris does the photography, Shonelle comes up with the marketing ideas of how to use them, I go to Michaels and make crafty things out of said photography and ideas! :)

  3. Great design Chris!! LOVE the photos on the left sidebar.

  4. Thanks, it makes my day when all three of my readers chime in! I'm glad the new design is a hit!

  5. Count me in, Bey! Let me know when you two are ready to get to work. :)