Saturday, May 1, 2010

5th Anniversary

Wine and Cheese on the beach.

Last week Beylah and I celebrated our 5th anniversary (and also my 25th birthday!) by grabbing brunch at Cafe Brioche in Palo Alto followed by a drive over Hwy 92 to Half Moon Bay and then meandering up the coast to Pacifica State Beach, just off Hwy 1 (we also went for a sunset hike in Russian Ridge, and paddle boating in Vasona Lake the day before). The afternoon was practically perfect, 72 and a cool breeze. After taking a little walk from the parking lot at Rockaway beach (not protected by any park system) over a small hill to Pacifica State Beach we set up our blanket kicked off our shoes and took in the ocean. We ate a little picnic lunch of goat cheese, berries, olives and wine after which we hung around on the bluffs, the rocks, and the sand until the sun set and then walked back over to the car at sunset.

Beylah looking out at the sunset on Pacifica State Beach.

As I often find the stress of looking for work, of worrying about money, even the responsibility of this blog suddenly melts away once you dig your toes into the beach and take in the roar of the waves. Beaches are an excuse to get outside, but won't tax the body like hiking does. To celebrate our anniversary, and the continued expansion of the blog I'll be profiling some new locations. Now in addition to the usual hikes I'll also be taking a look at some of the beaches in the Bay Area now too. I hope you enjoy the new blogs as they arrive.

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