Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pacifica State Beach

 Rocks and Tide pools at Pacifica State Beach

The beaches and coastline north of Half Moon Bay is so consistently beautiful that its tough to really choose just one beach to spend an afternoon in the sun. Pacifica State Beach offers the perfect mix of ocean without being too sheltered, impressive natural beauty and rugged cliffs, and a beach which is neither too quiet, nor too crowded.

Three dogs returning after chasing a ball into the waves.

Waves rolling in towards the beach are large enough to attract the surfing crowd.

A large triangular rock juts up about 10 feet from the water and waves beat constantly against it triggering impressive explosions of ocean spray every minute or two. The rock alone provides such a powerful display to make this beach worth visiting.

Waves crashing against the triangle rock.

Up the beach a large cliff hangs over the north shore of the beach. Rocks are strewn around the base of the cliff and create some interesting tide pools, on the afternoon beylah and I visited we found group of children proudly holding up a starfish they found in these pools.

Sunset on the rocks.

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  1. GORGEOUS pictures as always!! I particularly like the first one. :)