Friday, May 28, 2010

Photo Giveaway Contest

This contest is now over

I'm happy to be giving away a signed 8 x 12 print from the Bristlecone Pine forest of the White Mountains. They are the world's oldest trees living in some of the harshest conditions, right across from the eastern sierra nevada. It's one of my absolute favorite prints. 

NOW! Here's how you can win it

1. Send me an email at with Photo Giveaway in the subject.
2. Describe your favorite moment of "backcountry bliss".
3. Include your name (or nickname), and the city you live in.

This contest is open to anyone, anywhere, and all are encouraged to enter. Once all the entries are received I'll select my favorite story, run it on the blog, and send the winner the print.

There is no length requirement or minimum and no restriction on how "backcountry" the location needs to be (some of my favorite moments are looking up at the stars from the top of the monkey bars). All entries must be received by Friday, June 25th, 2010 at noon Pacific Standard Time. Don't worry, I won't pull any stunts like selling your emails, or subscribing you to any kind of list. I'll only contact you if you win (or I really like your story anyway) to get a mailing address to send the print to. (don't worry, I won't publish that)

Good Luck and Happy Trails!


  1. Hi Chris - I can't join in the competition as I've just found your blog - via your comment on Town Mouse's post about her recent hike. I'm the Country Mouse component of the blogging duo. I don't get out hiking much because I'm busy on our 3 acres, but I'm enjoying your photos - a great way to do a bit of vicarious hiking. Do you use a tripod to get such good photos in relatively dim light?

  2. But of course you can enter the competition!

    The competition is open to anyone with an appreciation of the outdoors. I'm trying to use the giveaway to promote the blog.

    I'd love to see your entry! I actually just discovered your blog this afternoon too.

    Regarding the photo's: yes and no. With my wide lens (17-40mm) I can get a sharp photo at about 1/40- 1/50 if I control my breathing and really focus on staying still. A lot of times I improvise by steadying the camera on my trekking poles, or a rock. I have to shoot a couple of times if I feel like I moved slightly

    My tripod is pretty heavy so it mostly only comes on the short hikes, anything over 5 miles and it starts to kill my shoulder.

  3. please sign me up, its reminds me of our many trips 2 NC, and TX, its so beautiful, thanks

  4. Skooterbear, please read the contest rules and send me an email at to enter. I'd love to hear your story of Backcountry Bliss!

  5. love the outdoors here in Arizona

  6. I've never actually been hiking in Arizona. I'd love to visit there some day though!