Monday, June 28, 2010

Photo Giveaway Contest Winner

It was tough choosing a winner from the many entries I recieved from all over the country. Rachel from Texas wrote it to tell me about the family of roadrunners, ducks, and deer that accumulate to feed in her yard every morning, and Susan from Florida wrote in about her hikes along the Appalachian Trail. My favorite however came from Shirley in Pennsylvania

    "When I was a kid growing up after WWII camping in the woods was our yearly vacation. Dad had a big box trailer loaded with all the equipment and he would hook it up to the big old Buick and off we would go. One year Dad put a case of his home made beer in the trailer and when we arrived at our destination sat the case of beer (actually a wooden box partitioned to hold single bottles) tilted against a nearby log (you should never sit home made beer flat) and we set about setting up camp. As noon time approached the sun light found a break in the pine cover and shown directly on the case of beer which now lay forgotten for the moment. We got the tent up and was arranging other items when suddenly the air was permeated with multiple shots. Dad yelled get down and shoved us onto the ground.
    My Mom screamed "Charlie somebody's shooting at us." The shooting stopped and my Dad raised his head only to have it start again. We lay trembling in this position for more than an hour and finally Dad decided to venture out. crawling slowly from our hiding place. A few minutes later he returned, laughing, carrying a beer bottle with the top blown off. Seems only 2 bottles survived the sun's rays but by this time we were so traumatized we finished erecting the tent and setting up the camp and as an attempt to clam us down we actually went into town to a restaurant for dinner which normally was a no-no on our camping trips. So many great memories linger about our camping vacations.

    - Shirley"

Congratulations Shirley, Your signed 8x11 print is in the mail!

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  1. Looking forward to receiving my print and signature which makes it more special.

    Shirley in the Poconos