Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thoughts on the road

Horseshoe Meadows Rd. near Lone Pine, Ca

Road trips must begin with the "Green River" by Creedence Clearwater Revival, It's mandatory. The tradition started when I was 18, heading out on a routine trip up to the Bear Valley ski area with my friend Robert. Green River was the first song that came on and I've found it such perfect driving music that it has become the ritual start to every subsequent trip and there have been many of them.

The part I always leave out of my adventures here are the hours and hours of driving it takes to get around to beautiful places. The drive, however, is an important part of every adventure, both logistically and, more importantly, in more spiritual sense.

The "Avenue of the Giants" and the "Tioga Road" are the only two drives I've blogged about

Those moments driving through the Central Valley when I could see the snow capped Sierra's, hours before my arrival at Whitney, looming ahead, so faint they looked more like clouds, those are important. Those moments driving up the central coast when the first Old Growth Redwoods start popping up along the Eel River, those are important. These moments of palpable anticipation effect my experience as a whole, and too often I dismiss them.

Certainly this is probably because comparatively they are pretty boring to read about. The adventure at that point is all in my head. Those are the moments though that the adventure is in its most pure state, before reality confronts the ideal. Today though, I'm headed off to LA to receive an award from the American Planning Association, nothing adventurous about that.

What are your Road Trip rituals?
What was your favorite drive?

Happy Trails,

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  1. Used to be red licorice and red bull... Has been replaced with sliced cucumber and iced tea. Every road trip starts with Rob Dougan and Montgomery Gentry.

    Favorite loop is Empire Grade to Skyline to Woodside to 280 to 17 back home.

    And congratulations on your award!!