Thursday, July 1, 2010

The life and death of the green monster

The Green Monster near the Alabama Hills

This wake is perhaps a bit premature but the green monster, my reliable form of transportation has been declared dead. Sure, the car had dents all over, I never washed it (thats what rain is for), it leaked wiper fluid, then winshield is cracked, it did not have a interior drivers side door handle until recently, and the heater does not work. But it runs like a champ.

I purchased her 2 years ago for $500 when my girlfriends sister decided to upgrade vehicles. Since then my little car has taken me to nearly every trailhead I've visited without even a hiccup.

Several weeks ago a car reversed into me in a parking lot, smashing my light, denting my bumper and bending my hood. Still my little car did not complain and took me up over the Tioga Road and up to Mt. Whitney. Even when I drove it to Los Angeles and back last week in a single day the car never complained.

The damage was estimated at $3,500 from the accident last month, $400 over the value of the car. Consequently a very angry woman at my insurance company has declared the green monster deceased. The second estimate I received valued my repairs at $2,600 (fancy that...). Yet my angry claims adjuster friend feels my car is still a worthless heap and everyone else is confused.

While there is still some hope that my little green car will survive its bout with the insurance company, things don't look good for the Green Monster. And that's why you, my readers, don't have a real post to read today.

I'd love to hear your stories about favorite cars that you've put through hell (or bike) or your worst struggle with an insurance company while I sulk and fight with mine.

Happy Trails,

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