Monday, July 19, 2010

Noreaster 2010 - New Hampshire Outdoor Sports & Music Festival

Here's a joke for you: what happens when you take competitive outdoor sports, a bunch of awesome bands, and a passion for environmentalism and conservation and throw them in a blender?

You get something like The Nor'easter (properly pronounced nor-east-ah). I grew up in the great state of New Hampshire and I've never missed it more than when I found out about this sports, music festival, outdoors event...thing. The whole deal goes down Friday-Sunday, September 24th-26th with most of the big events on Saturday the 25th. It will feature Rock Climbing and Bouldering competitions, Concerts (most notably including The Walkmen), A foot race, a bike race, and all sorts of athlete clinics. The idea is to keep the whole event eco friendly as well. Tickets are $75 for the whole event, but you can save $25 if you carpool with 4 other people or purchase individual day tickets. Camping out at the festival and enjoying some of that beautiful new england fall foliage seems like the way to go. The whole scene seems pretty damn cool, and that's no joke! (did you like my not-so-subtle tie in to the intro?)

A lot of times these kinds of corporate sponsored events tend to be a little fake and more about branding than outdoor sports or music. It looks like EMS and the others got a bit more creative on this one though and it should be a genuinely cool event rather than just a platform to sell things.

The whole thing is supported by outdoor companies like EMS, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear, Gregory, and Merrell. If anyone is going let me know so I can live vicariously though you please.

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