Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Discussion: Camping in Storms

stormy outside the tent South Dakota was recently hit by a monster hail storm, which of course brought to mind the storms I've weathered over the years. When I think of being caught in a storm I think of the night I spent on the north coast, crammed against one wall of my leaky tent as the other kept trying to blow in to give me a big wet kiss every 10 seconds.

Sure the weather has caused me more than one sleepless night but overall I find weather, even outright storms usually tend to add an extra element of excitement to a trip especially when you're ready for it. Beylah and I were caught in a thunderstorm a year ago at 11,500ft in Horseshoe Meadows and have fantastic memories to show for it. I keep a picture next to my desk of the two of us snuggled away in our sleeping bags just enjoying the rolling thunder and pitter patter of rain outside on our tent.

This weeks discussion topic: How does the weather effect your outdoors experience? Would you take a trip even if you knew it would rain or hail the entire time?


  1. If you know me you know I love the rain. I love going for walks in the rain, I love putting on some waterproof shoes and sloshing around in it. Even a hike in the rain can be quite lovely (i.e. Day 2 Point Reyes backpacking trip backpacking about 10 miles against the wind and rain!).

    Throughout all of the camping trips I've been on where rain threatened I've really lucked out. Either it's only rained at nighttime, it rained after we finished packing up the next morning, or it's just a light mist. I do love the cozy feeling of being inside a warm tent when it's pouring outside, but I probably would feel a little differently if I had to actually pack up said tent during similar weather. I don't think I'd be as happy if all of the contents of my backpack were as wet as the outside of my bag! Car camping would be a bit more tolerable because at least you can run things to the car or keep an umbrella inside so your stuff says dry.

    I still think no matter what I will always be the odd-ball lover of rain. :)

  2. I recently got back from a hiking trip in the alps, where i was caught in a snow/rain storm at 2600m with no hiking experience, on a ridge where you could see the 500m drop you'd take if you made one wrong step. Now, this isn't a camping experience. But I still thought it worth sharing ;)

    ~Laura M.

  3. I've never been caught in bad weather in any kind of dangerous situation. I have sort of a rosy and glass-half full impression. Maybe standing on a cliffs edge in a thunderstorm, or getting caught in a whiteout on a mountain would paint my opinion of storms differently.

    When I think rainstorm now, I think of being curled up in a sleeping bag, reading. It makes me smile.