Friday, August 13, 2010

Discussion: Wanderlust

This afternoon I pulled out a coffee table book, "Cascades" by K. Scott Ziegler, and found myself instantly wanting to transport myself to scenes he had photographed in Oregon and Washington. When I am planning a trip I always run google image searches, and look at photographers websites to find inspiration for the journey. My recent trip to Kehoe Beach was partially inspired by Marty Knapp's photo Kehoe Beach:Low Tide.

Photography inspires me, but everyone has something unique which inspires them. This weeks discussion: What is it that motivates you to hit the trail? What inspires you? What makes you day dream?


  1. This is hard to answer in only a few words. I could write an essay. Photos may peak my interest in a certain location, but my inspiration is there before I even know where I’m going. In part, I just love nature, and the outdoors. I need to get out and experience it. I need to get away from the daily grind, and from the city noise, pollution, and strife. But I also like the fitness aspect of a challenging hike, and I enjoy a bit of adventure, for lack of a better word. I am also inspired by people I read about, and famous personalities like John Muir, or Henry David Thoreau.

  2. I think thats probably the sentiment of most folks who love the outdoors there is always just this feeling of the need, again for lack of a better word, to be there. Almost like a calling to get away from "the world". The great naturalists: writers, photographers, and artists of generations past have all channeled that urgent need to be away from the human world.

    Being outdoors is less of a trip, and more of a home-coming.