Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pinnacles National Park?

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D) of California has proposed that The Pinnacles National Monument become Pinnacles National Park according to the Mercury News. The proposal also includes expanding into 3,000 acres of new wildland currently outside the park's boundary. The push to upgrade the park to National Park Status began 5 years ago in the house with Rep. Sam Farr of Salinas, this is complementary legislation to his House bill.

Making Pinnacles a National Park, Boxer said, would "draw even more visitors to this spectacular piece of California's natural and cultural heritage."

National Park status would certainly bring increased recognition to the otherwise fairly quiet park. The Pinnacles received considerable attention this year after the first Condor nest was found in the park in 100 years. Condors can be seen soaring over the parks craggy peaks regularly and locals know The Pinnacles to be an absolute Gem filled with great hiking, caving, and rock climbing.

May and October are the best months to visit the park, cooler temperatures in the spring and fall are preferable to the scorching hot summer temps. Additionally all the caves are open for a period in both of these months so long as you are not claustrophobic. Always make sure you bring plenty of water when you visit the park, it is hot, dry and very exposed. It's also one of the most ruggedly beautiful and under-appreciated parks in California. Hopefully this bill will change that

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