Monday, September 20, 2010

Discussion: Summer Reflections

Last Week I didn't post up a new discussion topic, after a week off I thought I would stick to the meaty content like trail reviews. This week the discussions are back. With the weather getting colder now, the trees starting to turn, and the first scatterings of rain here in california again summer seems to have come to an official close. Now's when I like to look back and reflect.

Certainly the blog really took off this summer, supported by lots and lots of new content. In the month of May the blog received just over 1,700 page views, while it has over 3,200 in the last 30 days. More importantly though this has been the summer of the Sierra. I crossed the Tioga Pass 8 times, enjoying the backcountry of Yosemite, the Hall Natural Area, the Ansel Adams Wilderness and of course ascending Mt. Whitney. Altogether that's over 50 miles of sierra trails. Add in local hikes in Point Reyes, Butano State Park, and along the coast and the total comes out to almost 100mi.

I couldn't find time for that big trip though I had hoped for, and I missed out on a couple goals I had set for myself, such as climbing Mt. Dana. However I feel like I hit most of my targets for the summer.

The highlight of my summer still has to be climbing on Mt. Whitney at sunrise in June. Following the bob of headlamps up the mountain, hearing only the crunch of my crampons digging into the icy snow and the weeze of my straining lungs through the crisp thin air. It's a memory I'll hold on to for the rest of my life, and I'm thrilled I have the blog here so I can share it with the world. Or at least the handful of people who stumble upon the blog.

How was your summer? Did you accomplish everything you had hoped? What was the highlight?

This week on the Blog:

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