Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Morning: Updates

I'm sitting here Sunday evening watching a NOVA special on Mt. St. Helens and all I can think is how excited I am for the Pacific Northwest adventure next week (well, that and how I'm really glad I wasn't near the volcano when it erupted). In lieu of a discussion this week I'm posting an update on the goings on at the blog.

Pacific Northwest Adventure

As my twitter followers will know Beylah and I will be gone for two weeks starting Saturday October, 4th. This is going to mean an interruption in regularly scheduled blog programming - however there is good news! In the next few days I'll be launching a page which we will be updating live as we go along on our vacation. Expect plenty of photos on the details of our trip from the Japanese Gardens in Portland to the nose of a glacier on Mt. Rainier.

    The Trip Page will Include
  • An Interactive Map to Track our all our adventures
  • Journal Entries
  • Photos, Photos, & More Photos

We'll have a map so you can locate us on our journey and plenty of other ways to keep updated. Additionally you can expect a scattering of blog posts while we're on vacation. I'll be sure to keep updates coming along as they develop.

Site Changes

If you check back regularly this week you'll see plenty of updates going on line, in fact quite a bit of content is going to change this week. You may have already noticed the videos page is gone (that actually has nothing to do with the changes, I'm just scouring the evidence of my poor videography). More importantly I'll be launching a map room in its place. Be sure to check in to find more about that tomorrow and the other changes that are going to be taking place.

Don't worry though, there will also be two fun trail reports going up this week.

This Week on the Blog

  • Tuesday: Introducing: The Map Room!
  • Wednesday: Fall Creek: Barrel Mill Trail
  • Thursday: Redwood National Park: Trillium Falls Trail
  • Friday: a special surprise!

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