Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Discussion: Favorite Places

Last week while we were on vacation Beylah and I added on to our list of favorite places. While I'll save the details for a trail report to come suffice it to say the glaciers hanging off the mountain, the alpine meadows, the sweeping views expanding out to cover multiple states, the sheer size of Mt. Rainier leaves no question as to why John Muir described it as; “the most extravagantly beautiful of all the alpine gardens I ever beheld.”

So Rainier joins my list of favorite places now, the places that warm the heart, and put a smile to my face when I just think about them.

A few more of my favorites...

  • Yosemite's Young Lakes in July, when the mountains are still covered in snow, and air is still crisp, the days are long.
  • Big Basin State Park, in the winter when the creeks are roaring, the waterfalls at full force and everything in the park is lush and alive.
  • The Stout Grove of Jedediah Smith State Park at sunset when the warm light streams in through the ancient cathedral of a grove, silent except for the faint rush of the nearby smith river, and the periodic cry of the endangered Marbled Murlette.

What are your favorite places? What about them makes them so special?

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