Friday, November 26, 2010

Found Friday: Reading List

1. Box Wine Test - Backpacker Magazine The logistics of sneaking wine into the backcountry are sometimes overwhelming. Backpacker makes it a little easier to figure out.

2. Photograph: Mist Shrouded Spire, Yosemite Valley - G Dan. Mitchell Photography Photographers rejoice. Another in a series of stunning misty landscapes from Dan Mitchell, this is enough inspiration to get me off my couch even on a rainy day and get shooting.

3. Craft Canned Beer Test - Backpacker Magazine For appreciators of good beer (like me!) there is more than Guiness when it comes to canned beer. Backpacker breaks down some of the choices.

4. Tongario Alpine Crossing - The Adventure Blog One of the finest trails there is, in the world, period. Prepare to be inspired.

5. The Ski/Snowshoe - I have an obsession with weird and potentially useless gadgets. If these actually work though they could be a revelation!

See you Monday!

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