Monday, November 8, 2010

Gear Review: Marmot Zeus Down Jacket

marmot zeus

"Low Profile, Low Weight, and Big Warmth on the go. Perfect as an insulating layer."

The Stats:
Price: $165.00
Weight: 14oz.
Insulation: 800-Fill Goose Down
Materials: Downproof Nylon

Pros's: Warm and Toasty, Low Profile, Light, Compressible, Breathable, Stylish, and Comfortable

Con's: Not Waterproof, Could be More Durable.

Full Review

A crisp wind knifed across Burroughs Mountain near Mt. Rainier kicking up freshly fallen snow. Particles of ice danced in the turbulent air. We shivered and tossed off our packs to dig out our Marmot Zeus & Venus Down Jackets (Male & Female varieties of the same jacket). We layered up and suddenly were feeling like we were sitting next to a warm fire inside the lodge. It's warm, really warm. It's perfect for fast warmth on the move.

Packed with 800-fill down the Marmot Zeus is comparable with other down sweaters for warmth to weight in a low profile insulating layer. You can tuck the Zeus inside almost any daypack, or backpack once it stuffs inside its own pocket compressing down to next to nothing. The cut of the jacket is very low profile and on a day of activity it's a perfect mid-layer. It sits comfortably under a hard shell jacket, almost as if it's not there. Although it does not have the bulk of a larger down parka I found myself compelled to poke Beylah in the side and say "Hey, Stay Puft." to which she always replies "Yes? Michelin Man".

Large Pockets on the interior store gloves or beanies, keeping them warm and preventing them from taking up pack space. It is not warm enough to be used as camp down though and there are some durability questions. I personally found a feather poking out after one use. Importantly though the jacket has not developed any cold spots and the down has stayed lofty. The key disadvantage of all down is that it looses all warmth once wet. Keep it dry though and it will keep you warm.

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  1. Quick update - 6 months on and after repeated use the down is holding up well and not shifting around or developing cold spots.