Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pick of the Pack, Dream Gear

Good outdoors gear is expensive and money is almost always a top consideration when I'm buying a new jacket or pair of mittens. Often my eye never glances the top end gear but for fun I thought I would peruse through the kind of gear most of us can only dream about.


1. GoLite BL-3 Longsleeve Top ($65.00) - Winter climbing can build up a furious sweat and during no season is it more important to keep that sweat away from your skin than in the winter. Winter gear also gets heavy, so there's no better time to GoLite?
2. Western Mountaineering Flash Hooded Jacket ($250.00) - The quilting on many down jackets leaks warmth but not the Flash. The WM Flash is a fortress of warmth and at a scant 9oz you'll hardly notice its there.
3. Western Mountaineering Meltdown Series Jacket ($340.00) - 850-fill Goose Down, meticulous handcrafted construction, warm, light, and built to last. Wherever you go, you'll be warm. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard.


4. Berghaus Powerstretch Tights ($89.98) - A Multilayered wicking base, soft, warm, and comfortable. One of the best money can buy.
5. Klim Inferno Mid-Layer Pant ($79.99) - As easy way to extend the temperature rating on a sleeping bag is to simply dress warm underneath. The Klim Inferno fleece pants are not only light and cozy but wicking as well keeping you warm and dry around the clock.
6. Marmot Optima Pants ($200.00) - Reliable, durable, weatherproof pants are a necessity in the winter.


7. Outdoor Research Cornice Mitts ($129.95) - Good all weather mittens are surprisingly hard to find, surprisingly though one of the most multi-functional pairs is at a reasonable price.
8. Smartwool Mountaineer Sock ($22.95) - Merino Wool Socks are the best, they are soft, warm, and won't give you sweaty feet, the way I see it that's a necessity not a luxury. There are cheaper pairs out there but these are epicly warm.
9. Sherpa Adventure Tashi Beanie ($25.00) - I'm obsessed with warm beanies on chilly days, the more low-tec the better. Big knitted wool beanie, yes please! You don't need money to wrap your noodle in warmth!

Photos By: SIMMS8, Cornice Mitts, Moontrail, WM Meltdown,, Smartwool Mountaineer Sock

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