Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Morning: Listography

It's about this time of year that I like to take a look back on the past year and reflect on accomplishments and goals achieved. I know, I know, I'm getting a little ahead of myself. New Years is sort of the typical time to reflect on this stuff, but I find Thanksgiving is when things start to slow down and the year starts to feel like it's drawing to a close. Reflecting now also gives me a chance to try to take on a goal or two before the year ends. It also gives me a good chance to start to look forward and really put thought into what I'd like to accomplish in the next year. Rather than just churn out a list on the spot.

Last year I compiled a list of 20 things, some only took a few minutes, others took more considerable effort and months to plan and prepare for:

1. Visit the Santa Barbara Wine Country - Check
2. Visit Julia P. Pfiffer State Park (see McWay Falls) - Check
3. Hike to Murietta Falls - Check
4. Hike Mt. Tamalpias - Check
5. Hike Mt. Diablo - Check
6. Go to the top of Mt. Hamilton (Hike Joseph D. Grant CP)
7. Hike Mission Peak - Check
8. See the desert wildflowers in bloom
9. See the fall colors in the sierra
10. Try 12 new restaurants in the Bay Area - Check
11. Visit Yosemite NP - Check
12. Visit Kings Canyon/Sequoia NP
13. Climb Mt. Whitney - Check
14. Climb Mt. Dana
15. Visit the Pacific Northwest - Check
16. Read five books
17. Visit 10 new Local Parks - Check
18. Go Backpacking - Check
19. Go Skiing - Check
20. Go Kayaking

The point of the list though is not just to check things off, it's to become a different person through going after these accomplishments. For example we went backpacking several times this past year and now I would never put "go backpacking" on the next list because it seems routine now, and has been added to my current activity list instead.

So while I am pleased I was able to accomplish so much in the last year, I'm even prouder of the person I've become in the process and the experiences I've had by trying to get to that check mark. And I look forward to challenging myself to hit some of the goals I wasn't able to this year in 2011, and add other fun to-dos to next year's list.

What about you? What big accomplishments have become routine for you now? What was on your list that you never got around to, or what are you hoping to squeeze in before this year comes to a close?

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