Friday, November 5, 2010

Reading List

1. The Ten (Un)Essentials, by Backpacker Magazine - I love the idea of this. Marketing gets us to buy some crazy stuff in the name of saftey an comfort and a lot of it is just plain useless and nothing more than a burden to carry. Crocodile Dundee Hunting Knives, Candle Lanterns, Snowshoes...wait snowshoes? The author makes a good case never to own any of them. Read on!

2. The Grateful Project, Brie by Night - A serious departure from the standard hiking, backpacking and climbing content that you'll find cruising around this blog. With this being the month of November though it seems like a good time to be grateful and show that gratitude.

3. Yosemite Grand Traverse, by Great - I should be careful recommending this or I won't have any readers. A well written and engaging account of a week long traverse through the Ansel Adams Wilderness and Yosemite National Park with plenty of great photos. It's a page turner to be sure, er.. page scroller.

4. Leo Houlding Frees New El Cap Route, by El Cap Report - Cimbers rejoice! Leo Houlding has pioneered a new route up one of Yosemite's best walls, El Capitan. The Photos of the crux moves are stunning enough to evoke druel from non-climbers though.

5. Horsetail: October Light, by The View From the Little Red Tent - In the 70's Galen Rowell made waves in the photography world with his photo of Horsetail Falls. He kept the details of the photo secret but it was later revealed the photo was taken in February and there is only a day or two in which the light hits the falls right. The View from the Little Red Tent caught another window in October, no water, but cool none the less.

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