Friday, November 12, 2010

Reading List

1. First Light Above the Buttermilks, Autumn Storm, by G. Dan Mitchel Photography - Really great photos are often the result of a little luck, but it's usually not "dumb luck" but rather "Smart Luck". The combination of foreseen and unforeseen circumstances which converge to create out of this world photos. G Dan Mitchel, one of the most prolific nature photographers in the American West leads the discussion.

2. Garrapata State Park, by Waypoints - A frequent commenter on this blog, Randy, has his own hiking blog and this week reported on a gorgeous hike through Big Sur. Fabulous photography and a great story, well worth the read.

3. Sensory Storytelling, by Imaginechildhood - When I was studying photography at De Anza College (I've since changed majors) we learned the standard way to tell a story through wide shots to set the scene, medium shots to highlight subjects, and close ups to add texture to the story. Sensory Storytelling ignores those conventions and is an overload of texture, just macro-scale close ups, and it works.

4. Chimaera (Video), by Rocky Mountain Sherpas - If you're looking for a reason to get excited about the upcoming ski season, look no further than this 6 minute video to get you revved up for the winter.

5. Guide to Winter Camping, by Outdoor Action - You can get lost in this massive guide which covers just about any topic worth knowing about when it comes to the semi-impenetrable topic of winter camping. Unfortunately it won't front the money needed to buy down jackets, all season tents, or super light 0 degree sleeping bags for you.

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