Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pick of the Pack: Winter Wishlist

1. Mountain Hardwear Subzero SL - Expedition Down, those two words mean warmth. Sure it's overkill for a day of backcountry climbing in Tahoe, but good god is it warm! ($187.99)
2. First Ascent Downlight Sweater - Proof positive that being practical can also be stylish. Wear it as your top layer on a cool dry day in camp, or as insulation on a freezing peak approach. 800-fill down is always toasty. Did I mention its on sale right now too? ($129.00)
3. Osprey Kode 38 I can hardly think of a feature missing for a backcountry winter pack, microfiber goggle pocket, Ski/Snowboard & Snowshoe stays, Insulated Hydration Sleeve, Great Organization, and at only 3lbs it's no burden. - ($127.07)

4. Zeal Transcend GPS Goggles - Can you say no to a pair of goggles with superior optics, and a build in GPS display? I can, but only because I'm waiting for Predator-vision to be implemented. Hefty price tag but these are perhaps the nicest commercially available goggles on earth. ($399.00)
5. Black Diamond First Light - I'm not a fan of their new tent color, Wasabi, but the First Light is THE single wall tent. Its simple, easy, light, and the single wall design makes it a breeze to set up in less than ideal conditions. Roomy and at only 3lbs 9oz, it's a beast. ($299.95)
6. Atlas 930 Snowshoes - Light, comfortable, easy, versatile and reasonably prices. What else could you want? ($109.93)

7. Marmot Spike Beanie - I'm picky about beanies but this one has caught my eye. It has a microfleece headband to keep sweat out of your eyes which is always appreciated. Honestly though it just looks cool and has a number of nice color options. It's also at the right price point for a beanie. ($19.95)
8. Mountain Hardwear Compressor PL Pants - Synthetic Down as a number of advantages over natural down, price of course, but also ease of care, compressibility, and both are warm and light. These are fully featured and the price is right. Count me in ($119.19)
9. Sierra Designs Down Bootie - Okay, this is pure luxury unless your caught in a storm, huddled in your tent on Mt. Everest. Since it is probably safe to assume that market is pretty small the majority of people are buying it because it's like having a big warm 650-fill cloud wrapped around your foot! And what's wrong with that? ($48.95)

Individual Photo Credits - Pat Devoll (BD First Light), PeteB (MH Compressor Mens Pants)

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