Friday, December 31, 2010

Catch me on Berkeley's KPFA

In case you have been thirsting for new content on my holiday break you can catch me doing a radio interview over on KPFA's Terra Verde hosted by Adam Greenfield. I joined Cartographer Ben Pease, who's maps you've probably encountered at some point even if you didn't know it, to chat about my experiences enjoying the best this state has to over the past year.

We covered a few topics: resources you can visit to plan trips, as well as threw out a few of our favorite hikes. Ben also talked about his experiences as a volunteer on trail crews and hiking in general.

You'll want to skip about 2 minutes in to get to the program itself. Hope you enjoy. I'd love to hear feedback on how it went.

As a side note. Many thanks to KPFA and especially Adam Greenfield for having me on this afternoon, I had an absolute blast doing the show.


  1. Wow Chris that is a really great broadcast! I know I'm probably the last person you'd expect to tune in and listen to it all, but I thought it was awesome :)

  2. My cup runneth over with pride.

    You did very well, I was completely engaged.