Friday, December 3, 2010

Found Friday: Reading List

1. Crossing Iceland, by Alastair Humphries - I don't know how Alastair Humphries didn't come up on my radar before now, but he may have just become my hero and a reality check all in one. Lately I've been feeling a little pretty good about my adventures but after reading about his trek across iceland and browsing through the stunning photography I wonder if even have that kind of adventure in me. Consider this my pick of the month!

2. Chinese Searching for Yeti, by The Adventure Blog - No joke, Chinese Scientists have launched a search for the illusive Yeti in the Himalaya. Maybe it's because of internet censorship, but I can't believe 4 billion people are not asking - "Wait, our government paid for WHAT!?"

3. Tripods and High Winds, by G. Dan Mitchell Photography - So, what DO you do when the wind kicks up and your tripod is rocking and rolling around? Prolific photographer Dan Mitchell breaks it down.

4. NASA finds new life in Mono Lake, by Gizmodo - Normally a discovery of a new form of life wouldn't make a reading list here (partly because you've probably already read it) but this was found right in our back yard under the waters of Mono Lake. Beylah and I took a sunrise stroll on the lake, through the tufa, this year.

5. Location: Faux Falls, Moab by Brett Edge Photography - Talented southwest photographer Brett Edge (you can follow him on twitter @bretedgephoto) reveals some of his backcountry knowledge. Even if your not headed to Moab anytime soon, it's worth a read, or at least worth browsing some of his brilliant images.

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