Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sierra at Tahoe: Snow Report

An opportunity presented itself this weekend to sneak up to the sierra’s for a day trip and dig into some of this great snow the mountains have been seeing recently. I jumped at the chance to log some quality powder time which I don’t often get a chance to do. Conditions were nearly perfect thanks to the dumping of snow the park had received over the past few days. We had fresh snow in the trees until closing time, combined with short lift lines on a Monday morning.

The High: Slicing through fresh untouched powder on the final run of the day

The Low: Freezing for 45 minutes stuck on a chairlift after it broke down (credit to sierra at tahoe, they comp’ed us a half-day lift pass & hot coco) still I’d rather have that hour pushing through the fluffy stuff.

The Surprise: Remarkably decent food and sizeable portions at the Baja Grill.

The Expected: Crushing through deep, deep powder all day long.

Get out there! The snow is fine!

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