Monday, January 24, 2011

A Brief Note

Hey Readers,

You might have noticed posts have been a bit sporadic recently. In truth i've been pretty bad about getting outside recently, which has made it more difficult to find topics to write about. Recently my days have been filled more with building shelves, hanging photographs, and building ikea furniture for a new apartment than stomping down muddy trails.

We have managed to take advantage of the unseasonably good weather and take a couple hikes though up Mission Peak, and Mt. Ellen in Memorial County Park. These hikes have also given me a testing ground for a few new gear reviews including:

I have managed to keep fairly true to my running schedule and I'm getting back in shape for Mt. Whitney in the spring. Expect plenty of new content coming up including more discussion topics, a new how-to, and plenty of trail reports including some of the remaining reports from the fall trip to the Pacific Northwest. I've also stocked up plenty of content for a mega Found Friday.

I also used the little break to do a little bit of updating of the blog on the back end, mostly to make some of these photographs easier to find in searches. However you might also notice a new automatically generated "related posts" section at the end of each post which replaced what I was previously doing manually.

Feedback is always greatly appreciated!

Regards, Chris

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