Friday, January 7, 2011

Goals for 2011

Every year I personally compile a list of things I'd like to do and around Thanksgiving I start to go over that list and see how I've done. This past year that list motivated me to Climb Mt. Whitney, take a two week vacation to the Pacific Northwest, go backpacking as much as I could, and hit as many local trails as I could.

I have my new personal objectives as always, but I also have objectives for the blog. I think of them as more or less my new years resolutions. So after a week of looking back on 2010, it's time to look forward to 2011.

Get people excited about the outdoors

Being on the radio on New Years Eve taught me something, and not just how to make publicly embarrass myself in front of a large audience. It taught me that people are reading. I suppose my ever growing web statistic might have told me this as well, but something about recognition from a mainstream media outlet (okay, KPFA is HARDLY mainstream) turned the lightbulb on in my head that people really do read this blog.

Since people are reading I feel obligated to provide something worthwhile. I experimented a little bit with a new format last year on my trail report for Russian Ridge and I'd like to begin revising blogs to provide more of a resource for finding trails, and getting people excited about the outdoors.

Reach a larger audience

Part of getting people excited about the outdoors is motivating them with compelling stories, vivid photograph and confidence building how-to's. The other part is getting out in front of them with it. One of my goals for this year is going to be to market this blog a little more, its something I've done very little of but which is a necessity.

Broaden Content

More local trail reports, more local backpacking trips (can you believe I only did one local backpacking trip last year?), more gear reviews. More importantly though I'd like to broaden my horizons a little bit. That includes some winter trips, and hopefully in the summer some classic multi-day backpacking deep in the Sierra.

I'm also vowing to get out to the easy bay more often and cover some trails over there. I've been truly terrible about visiting parks to the east. For that matter the omission of several classic bay area hikes like the skyline-to-the-sea trail and Mt. tamalpias from Stinson Beach need to be remedied.

What I need from you

Unfortunately I can't improve the content here too much without feedback. I can only guess at what readers like to see most. So if you see something I'm doing right and you don't want it to change or you'd like to see something added let me know at

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