Thursday, February 10, 2011

[Discussion] Staying Active & In Shape in Winter

It's Twenty Below
I Must Pepare for Summer
Running I will Go

So Easy to Stay
This Winter Gripping The Trail
But Outside I Go

As I bolted down the trail this evening on my usual 4 mile after-work run I pondered (with what little effort I could spare) what other people in other parts of the country and the world do to keep in shape during winter. In places that don't have 50 winter evenings. Haiku's probably don't make it any easier to jog down a frozen trail in 3 degree weather, but they're fun anyway.

There's no real trick to keep in shape during the summer in fact for me sometimes its hard to keep myself off the trails when the weather is fine. Still the ideal is to already be in peak condition at the start of summer so that big backpacking trips feel more casual and less of an endurance test.

Unfortunately winter days are shorter, colder, wetter and more hazardous. Even when we can find the time to get out the conditions battle against you constantly.

Snowshoeing is certainly a workout, as is skiing, but it would be hard to make either of these a routine. I've heard of winter Kayakers, runners, and cyclists. How do you keep up your training in the winter?

Personally I run, but I happily accept that's not for everyone. more Haiku from Beylah now:

My Frostbitten Nose
This May Be A Bad Idea
Winter Snow Camping

So what do you do to keep in shape on frosty winter days? Bonus points for turning it into a Haiku!

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