Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Morning: Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time is upon us and while we all keep struggling to find a way to get that hour of sleep back still there is an upshot to all of this...

DST means we lose an hour of sleep, yes, but it also means we get to hit the trail after work with that extra hour. With the days continuing to get longer and longer we’ll have more and more time in the afternoon to take on longer trails, bigger runs, and more impressive bike rides.

If you’ve been a little lax in your training so far, now is the time to step it up after work or school. Even with the extra hour though finding the motivation to get out there can be tough. A few simple tricks have gone a long way for me.


  • Pack a bag with workout clothes and take it with you to work/school, just by packing the bag you’ve taken the first step, and having it with you it’s a constant reminder.
  • Join a group, it’s easier to find the motivation to go if you know you’re expected to be there already.
  • Keep a calendar, not only does it hold you accountable, looking at all your good work at the end of the month is a great reward in itself.
  • Mix it up, If running isn’t your thing, try swimming, if the gym isn’t your thing try a trail. Beylah and I train separately because she loves group classes at the gym and I love running on open trails.
  • Rest Judiciously, only take a day off because you really need it to recover. Often by doing even a little exercise after a particularly tough day I’ve been able to totally turn the day around. If I rested instead I would have gone home with the weight of the day still on me.

So what will you do with your extra hour?

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