Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Love Letter Project (Why I Hate Fitz Cahall)

Sierra Nevada Summer

Fitz Cahall makes me feel like shit about myself! (That's only the second time I've sworn on this blog)

While I'm posting "tips" and "gear reviews" and touching on other such superficial topics Cahall is exploring the deeper meaning of the activities and places we love. He's answering the powerful "why" questions while I'm stuck on the trivial "how's". He's hitting topics I have neither the wisdom nor the self-confidence to begin to explore and share.

When I listen to his gloriously well produced podcast - The Dirtbag Diaries - I feel inspired (and also shitty about myself). Often by the end I'm pulling up webpages and planning a trip. That, or I'm lacing up my trail runners to go for another training run. Anything to let loose some of the energy it's built up in me.

That's about the point I start to feel less crappy about myself. After all I'm just a dude trying to figure things as I go here (as hiker, climber, person, and a blogger). Fitz knocks me out of my complacency and reminds me it's not okay to settle on being pleased with my trivial postings about gear spreadsheets, packing a backpack and other matters. I'm reminded that there are bigger issues that should be touched on.

Ultimately none of us really care about "how to get a good nights sleep tent camping", that's a means to an end. It allows us to move in the wild more confidently and with more ease, freeing our hearts are to explore the wilderness within instead. If I can infuse a little bit of that into my writing, I'm good.

Now I've buried the lead... Fitz's (and his wife Becca's) Love Letter Project, slated for release on April 12th online and eventually on the big screen at the 5 point film festival, promises to touch at the very heart of what we're all doing in our outdoor pursuits. We're all chasing something bigger, something nobody can express, but we can all feel. Fitz and Becca chase it for 45 days in my beloved Sierra Nevada in the film, and I'll keep chasing it on the trails around here. The difference is Fitz is in tune with it, and perhaps ready to expose it to us all in the Love Letter Project.

Cahall said he's put everything into this project and if we can draw any conclusions using his past work, it shouldn't just be great, it should be inspiring.

I can't wait for April 12th. I really can't.

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  1. Fitz is one of the only guys who does this for a living who doesn't make me resent him for having so much more fun than I am.

    I don't think I've seen a single "dirtbag diary" entry that wasn't simply amazing. Could also call his show "This American Wilderness."