Sunday, April 17, 2011

No New Posts This Week

wine on the beach

Hey Folks,

Beylah and I just wrapped up a Kayaking tour of the Elkhorn Slough to celebrate our 6th anniversary. It was a big step up from paddle boating on our 5th anniversary last year. I suppose we have to go sailing next year to keep up the trend.

Unfortunately my crippling fear of perhaps ever slightly damaging my camera prevented us from taking any photos which would have included 2 day old baby sea otters and habor seal pups as well as a mountain of sea lions.

Since this week is also my birthday and the end of my beer fast (for training purposes) it's a week of celebration around here. So there will be no new posts this week but will be returning to it's regular schedule next week.

The next post will be at 12:00am EST, Monday May 2nd (that's 9pm on Sunday in the west).

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