Monday, February 18, 2013

Gallery // Eastern Sierra

  • Chickenfoot Lake

    Chickenfoot Lake, Little Lakes Valley, Inyo National Forest

  • Laurel Mountain

    Laurel Mountain from 395, Winter

  • South Tufa

    Tufa Castle, South Tufa, Mono Lake

  • Whitney Sunrise

    Sunrise on Mount Muir, Mount Whitney Main Trail

  • Dwarf Pine

    Dwarf Pine Tree, Little Lakes Valley

  • Bristlecone Pine

    Bristlecone Pine with Sierra Nevada distant, White Mountains

  • First Lake

    Stormy Skies over First Lake, Big Pine Canyon

  • Alpine Lupine

    Alpine Lupine, Agnew Meadow, Ansel Adams Wilderness

  • Rush Creek

    Rush Creek, Ansel Adams Wilderness

  • Temple Crag

    Storm Clouds on Temple Crag, Big Pine Canyon

  • Clark Lake Ansel Adams Wilderness

    Sunset on Clark Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness

  • Summit Lake

    Mt. Ritter from Summit Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness

  • Keeler Needle
  • Mount Irvine

    Moon over Mount Irvine at Dawn, Mount Whitney Main Trail

  • Tufa Castle

    Tufa Castle at Sunrise, South Tufa, Mono Lake

  • Chickenfoot Lake

    Banks of Chickenfoot Lake, Little Lakes Valley

  • Dusy Basin

    Storm clouds over Dusy Basin.

  • glacial erratic

    Glacial Erratic in Dusy Basin

  • Bishop Pass

    Bishop Pass Trail looking towards the Palisades

  • bishop pass

    Looking back towards South Lake from Bishop Pass.

  • dusy basin

    Morning light in Dusy Basin.


  1. Superb, very enjoyable and made me want to go hike there asap!

  2. Epic pictures, I loved checking these out!