Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Morning // New Reader

Why Read This Blog?

My goal here is to present information in a relatable and exciting way. So much of whats been written about hiking and the outdoors is either pretentious, dry, and is frequently both. My hope is that by sharing my enthusiasm for the outdoors, it becomes infectious. I feel like the only way to learn about the outdoors is by doing so my goal here is to get people excited about going outdoors and make it easy to do so.

This blog isn't just for the uninitiated though and outdoor vets should feel equally comfortable with the subject matter covered.


About to embark on our first backpacking trip in Lassen.

The name is kind of corny, but then I’m kind of a corny person. I wrote this post on why I chose the name Outdorky but basically it boils down to this:

I love the outdoors deeply, I love wrapping myself up in all the details; pouring over trail maps, learning about the history of peaks, finding the names for wildflowers, I could talk it all the time. It’s borderline unhealthy, but it fulfills me. I’m a dork for the outdoors, and I’ve chosen to embrace that with the site’s name.


I’m an environmental planner living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I started this blog back in the summer of 2009 while looking for employment after college (great year to have graduated by the way!).

I’m decidedly not a outdoors guru, in fact when I started this blog most of my hiking experience was limited to the boy scouts. Even then most of those skills had deteriorated during years of sloth. This has been a learning process for me. Really, I’m still just a dude that loves the outdoors, taking photos, and sharing my experiences with others. I also know CSS, so now I've got a blog.

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mission statement


Outdorky is really two websites in one. It’s a website that I’ve stuffed with resources like trail reports, gear reviews, tasty recipes, and general knowledge and how-to information. It’s also a blog that I’ll post on regularly with observations, thoughts, rants. Generally speaking I’ll post blog style content on Mondays under the heading "Monday Morning" or "Discussions". On Wednesdays I'll usually share a trail report, or post a recipe. On Fridays often I'll recap what other bloggers have been up to, or post something just for fun, like a desktop wallpaper.

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