Friday, March 8, 2013

Wallpaper // Black Oak, Yosemite

black oak rain

Black Oak Leaf in the Rain, Yosemite Valley.

Here in the Bay Area it's finally raining. After a very dry start to 2013 the skies have opened up.

The steady pitter-pat at the window also gives me the perfect platform to launch the first in a new series of photos here. I spend a lot of time looking at my monitor, either at work or at home - if I can connect with the outdoors, even in just a superficial way, I find that valuable. The wallpapers also offer me a way to show off some of my favorite photographs on their own, many of which have no association with a hike.

This photo was captured in the Yosemite Valley near Bridalveil Falls during a steady rain storm. We killed a few hours in the early afternoon at the lodge sipping warm drinks and staying dry by the fire while we waited for the storm to let up a little. When by mid-afternoon it had only intensified we decided to just venture out in the rain and see what the valley had to offer during inclement conditions. Shooting in the rain was a continual challenge, but the unique conditions made the effort worthwhile.

As if to intentionally make things more difficult on myself I did much of my shooting with a long 70-200 f/4 telephoto lens which seemed to act like a magnet for rain drops, in addition to being fairly slow. I actually hopped out of the car here to photograph El Capitan but I found the saturated black oak leaves, and rain drop laden branches almost as interesting.

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