Friday, July 19, 2013

Found Friday // Housekeeping, and July Links

Firstly, some housekeeping. We’re ramping up our social media efforts on Facebook (to be less of old people). If you have not already, please take a moment to head over there and like us. In addition to making us feel special, you’ll also get the heads up on content there that we won’t be posting on the blog.

As always you can also follow us on Twitter: @thegreatoutdork and @thebeyarea

Okay, enough shameless plugging. On to the links!

Friday Links!

  1. Semi-rad reminds us that summer is now half over. As everyone starts panicking. Get off the couch NOW - and hit the trail. In fact, don’t even read the rest of these links.
  2. Wilderness Dave came up with perhaps the best defintion for adventure I’ve heard....via an annoying hipster. (redundant, I know!)
  3. Just a Colorado Gal posted some nice trip photos (and a report) from Capitol Peak.
  4. The always awesome Way Points posted a trip report from Tamarack Flat to El Cap.
  5. Campfire Cam posted about her trip to Sender One climbing gym (run by Chris Sharma) - It’s basically climbing gym porn. In a good way of course.
  6. Brian’s Backpacking Blog posted on accepting adventure, and his decision to hit the JMT.
  7. Here is The Worst Portfolio Ever. It made me giggle quite a bit, I’m sure if I was a graphic designer I would have pee’d myself.
  8. Mountain Gear is having a 30th Anniversary Sale.

Next Week

Look out for our Dusy Basin trip report (ahem - you can see some photos of the trip now on our facebook page), and a gear review.

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