Friday, March 7, 2014

Playlist // Rainy Day

We've had a lot of much needed rain recently (it's been two solid weeks since I've had to water my garden, yes!) here in the Bay Area. It's had me in a pretty mellow mood - which gets me feeling like some mellow jams.

So grab a cup of coffee (or tea), blanket, and settle in by the fire place (or your crappy radiator if you live in an apartment like us!) and mellow out with our Rainy Day playlist.

Our Favorite Tracks

Chris // Gun Street Girl - Tom Waits

Literally one of my favorite songs - period. I'll never get sick of listening to Waits sing with that gravely voice of his that sounds like he's been smoking and drinking whiskey since the age of five. Gun Street Girl is also Waits' storytelling at it's best. The way he paints a picture of his imaginary low-life characters is almost unsurpassed.

Beylah // Easy Living - Billie Holiday

Easy Living (and frankly anything Billie) always makes me incredibly nostalgic. Not for all mid-20th century music, but for when I was 20 and would listen to her non-stop, and Chris and I would swamp her albums onto our iTunes at a local coffee shop when we first met in college. There’s something so smooth and comforting about this song, and there’s nothing better than listening to it while cozied up on the couch on a rainy evening."

What are your favorite rainy day songs?

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